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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Severine Collective work?

Severine Collective is for exclusive members to live and travel flexibly. Members are invited to apply and if they and their properties are accepted they are able to live and travel within the network for as much or as little as they like.

How do you decide on which properties to accept?

Central to the Severine Collective membership is quality homes and locations. Applicants will submit the address and photos of their homes as part of the application process, and we will review these by looking at desirability of location for the Severine member who would want a niche quality experience and holiday or remote working break.  We also will be looking at décor and style to determine consistency across the membership base and to ensure our homes are appealing spaces to work in and holiday in.  

What is the cost?

The Severine Collective Membership is $200 NZD plus GST per month.  There is an initial joining fee of $1,000 NZD plus GST. Annually, this is the equivalent of approximately 8-12 nights renting in a similar property.

Why would I use this instead of rented accommodation?

Severine Collective provides a community of members who can connect and share knowledge and it also allows its members to establish a lifestyle of more and frequent travel without the cost burden. Severine Collective allows its members to make up for lost opportunities to travel and take longer trips away, optimising remote working.

I rent my property, can I join?

Absolutely! Before you apply please ensure it is within the terms of your specific leasing agreement and receive written approval from your landlord if necessary.

I have flatmates, can I join?

As this relies on guests being able to work remotely at any hour, Severine Collective does not allow members who have flat mates at their properties.  The incoming guest must have the use of the property for the duration of the stay and know that they are able to conduct their work and participate in virtual meetings at any hour unhindered if necessary.  

A second tier of membership which allows shared flat arrangements is currently being worked through and will be available in due course.  Sign up for updates to stay in the loop.

How do you verify the property does meet high quality standards?

This is central to the Severine Collective experience and to the company ethos.  The application process ensures that all members meet high standards in their own properties and in how they will behave in other properties, including using Cloudcheck and Truepic technology to verify members. This is a membership community of like minded respectful individuals who need to be able to rely on respect.  Severine Collective processes verify all application documents and ensure the property itself meets company standards so you can rest assured.

How do I see other properties?

Once you have been accepted as a member, when you sign in you will have the ability to view and book other member properties.

Where can I book if I’m accepted?

We are currently in our pilot stage and already have members in the South Pacific, Europe and North America.

Is Severine Collective just for remote working?

Whilst the idea for Severine Collective came about as a result of the remote working flexibility, it is also perfect for holidays.  Properties will be well equipped for working remotely if you choose, but it is absolutely a great way to get away for a weekend or for a longer break.

Who arranges cleaners?

We will arrange for cleaners at the conclusion of your stay as part of your membership.  Each member will nominate their preferred cleaner and we will work with them.  This is for an all over clean however members are respectfully asked to leave the property reasonably tidy on their departure.

Are there any other membership perks?

We are working to set up an online shop for homewares exclusively available to members. This will be quality products for the home including linens, fragrances and soaps and will be competitively priced. We also work with amazing photographers who will photograph your property for your profile, you will also have access to these images for your own use.

What happens if there’s damage?

Severine Collective insurance applies to all swaps used through the site and security deposits can be utilised. If damage occurs, get in touch with us and with the host to let them know. Further detail is also provided in our Insurance Policy.

What if I need to cancel or go back home?

We understand things change, and you may not be able to go on your swap.  If you cancel your swap you will be subject to a cancellation fee. Please communicate with the guests.  As the system relies on reciprocity, more than two cancellations will result in membership termination.  The guest will work with us to find an alternative accommodation solution for the remainder of their time.

What is the longest amount of time I can swap?

You can stay for as long as a property is showing availability.

What do I have to pay when I’m booking a swap?

Security Deposit is the only payment required when you are swapping. This is as a further peace of mind for the host and will be repaid to you on conclusion of the stay through your nominated bank account. Please let us know if you are asked for payment by your host as this is not in line with our policies.

Can I leave my dog for the guest to look after?

Unless previously agreed to, we ask that you take your pets with you as you would a child; or to find alternative kennel arrangements.

How do I nominate a friend to join?

Let us know through info@severinecollective.com!  They are also welcome to apply and share your details in the application form.  You will then each receive a month free as a gratuity for the referral.

Can I pause my membership if I’m on lockdown?

Absolutely.  Let us know if your region is in lockdown and we will verify this and pause your membership.  We will also stay a foot of any lockdowns and ensure we are providing support accordingly. If your lockdown allows for movement within your country however, your membership will not be able to be paused as you will be able to continue, albeit within a smaller area during that time.

Can I bring friends with me?

All members provide information on their profile regarding how many people their property has capacity for, and if they are comfortable with more than two people at their property. If you are going to a property that allows more than two people, a higher security deposit will apply.  If you have friends who love to travel andlike to do trips with you, we absolutely encourage them to apply to be members themselves so they can access all that Severine Collective has to offer also.

How do you ensure members will look after my property?

All members are rigorously vetted to ensure like minded individuals are joining Severine Collective. The terms and conditions that apply to members are also strengthened to ensure respectful swaps and respect for your property. As a further measure, our insurance applies to all stays so you will be covered and protected by the company.

What about children?

All members provide information on their profile regarding how many people their property has capacity for, and if they are comfortable with more than two people at their property. If you are going to a property that allows more than two people, a higher security deposit will apply.  If you have children travelling with you, that is absolutely permitted, you are required to let us and the host know as it will impact the security deposit and the applicable insurance coverage for the stay.  

Is suburb really that important?

We want to ensure members travelling to a new place have easy access to transport and are able to have the best local experience in each location.  Often this will mean being in a more centrally located suburb, or a suburb that is more vibrant and enjoyable for a stay. Control over certain suburbs ensures that guests can be well located to have the best experience. Sign up for our email notifications as we may be adding a membership type that may interest you.

What if I don’t want to share my property but I want to go to others’?

This relies on reciprocity and all members must have a property to list.  Whilst it is not a direct swap, only those who have properties to share are able to join and go on stays.  However, if your reluctance to share your property is due to others’ in your space, do not fret!  Severine Collective ensures members are vetted and respectful and this assurance is supported by all members knowing that what happens in a stay they’re in could happen in their home.  We strive to ensure respectful easy reciprocal stays so don’t let that prevent you from applying!