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Severine Collective Terms and Conditions

This agreement is between you and Severine Collective Limited (Company), New Zealand Business Number 9429048487696.

Trademark registered in New Zealand under registration number 1154891.

By using the website www.severinecollective.com you agree to the terms and conditions set out below and your continued use of the site and any of its pages constitutes your consent to the terms of this Agreement.

Severine Collective Limited is a subscription membership for house sharing and swapping. Anyone engaging with the Company is also bound by the terms and conditions of any of its third party suppliers in addition to these terms and conditions.

The Company may modify these terms and conditions at any time without notice to you. If any changes substantially impact against your rights and obligations, you will be notified by email and asked to confirm your agreement to the changes accordingly.

These Terms and Conditions were last updated on 6 February 2021.


You may browse the Company’s website without applying for a membership. However, in order to access and view the properties and members, for their privacy and security you must be an approved and paying member.

When applying to be a member you must provide true and accurate personal information including name, date of birth, address and email address and certifying documents that prove your identity.  You agree to provide true and accurate information. Your information will be stored and used only for the purposes asset out in our Privacy Policy.

You are required to and responsible for keeping your account secure and up to date.

You are not permitted to use the Company website or make any bookings for any person other than yourself as an approved member and any partner or additional person you have listed on your member profile and as expressly communicated to the Company and approved by the Company. Sharing your profile and allowing bookings under your membership without you present will result in a breach of these terms and accordingly your membership terminated.

You agree not to use, copy, distribute or commercialise any content on the Company’s website without our prior written consent.

Approval of membership will include verification from third party providers, including:



You agree and consent to your personal information being verified by these companies to validate the accuracy of the information you provide in your application and to prevent any fraudulent applications. You agree to make your own enquiries to obtain further information about these companies and their processes.


Obligation to provide access

You acknowledge and accept that in making a booking to another member property that your property will be available to other members for the exact duration of time. A core function of the membership is the availability of properties when a member is using another property and which may not be opted out of.

You confirm that you will not seek to make your property unavailable.

Notwithstanding the above, you may list your property as unavailable at any other time as you choose.


Ownership of photos and content

Information and photos on the website may be indicative properties for promotional purposes only. You accept and understand that some images depicting homes may not be those available for booking and that properties available to be booked will be shown on members profiles.

You undertake that you have the full ownership of any images youshare as part of your membership profile and that you will contact the Company if there is anything that requires approval prior to you sharing. For example,where you have a piece of art that may not be permitted to be used for commercial purposes without express consent.

You consent to your photos being shared publicly on the Company website and social media platforms.


Bookings and swaps

You agree that your property may be booked by another member during any time that your property is listed as being available.

If you are using the Company by staying in another member property you are required to make your property available for the same dates.

You may not opt out of this element of the Company’s membership.

You are not permitted to decline or restrict anyone from entering your property if they have made a booking in line with these terms and conditions.

If you feel unsafe or uncomfortable by the behaviour of the other member and would like to report the other member, you must contact info@severinecollective.com to notify the Company and for us to consider the booking being cancelled in line with this Agreement.

You confirm that when a booking or swap is made on your membership profile that the booking is for you and you will be attending the property and that the booking is not on behalf of someone else not listed in your profile.Ie. You may not make bookings under your profile for friends or any other person.

Unless otherwise agreed between parties, you must not arrive to the property sooner than 2pm and must leave on your final day by 11am.


Transfer of access

You are not permitted to transfer or sell access to your membership and account.

Member bookings and swaps may not be made for other people if you are not in attendance.  Any other person going with you to a property must be recorded and must be in line with the property capacity stated in that profile.

In the event that there is an error with dates or if the hosting member must return to their home, the Company will be responsible for finding you a similar property to stay for the dates you have chosen.

At the arrival of a stay, the member will check in to the Company’s website to confirm their arrival and suitability of the property.  At the conclusion of the stay the member must check out of the Company’s site and provide photographs to show any damage that has occurred or the cleanliness of the property as it was left.



Until such time as the Company provides a tailored insurance cover,you must immediately after being accepted as an approved member of the Company,notify your insurance provider that you will need third party cover for a guest coming into your home on a not-for-profit basis.

The Company accepts no responsibility for anything that occurs where you do not hold current home and contents insurance.

The Company also recommends you obtain travel insurance as the Company will not cover you for any baggage loss, medical expenses or theft in your travel.

Discretion to accept or refuse an application

It is within the company’s sole discretion to accept or refuse an application based on any number of factors. In using the Company’s sites and you forgo any claim for redress for an unsuccessful application.



The Company will not be liable to you or any other guest or person for any direct, indirect, consequential, incidental, special, punitive or exemplary damages as a result of the use of the Company’s site and services.

The Company will not be responsible for any losses whatsoever that come about as a result of the use of the Company’s sites and services.


Membership pause – COVID Lockdown

The Company permits a member to pause their membership and any payments if their region is on a full lockdown, either Covid-19 related or otherwise.  The member must notify the Company of the lockdown and the limitation on movement.  The Company will pause any payments. However, where there is permitted movement outside a local area (and not simply limited to a State or Country), the membership may not be paused.  



The price of membership is in New Zealand Dollars and additional goods and services tax is applicable.

The price of the membership is subject to change at the discretion of the Company.

Payment of the relevant joining fee and first month membership subscription must be paid in full by you prior to the membership being activated.

Your payment details will be held on file and you confirm your agreement to maintain your regular ongoing payment in order to utilise your membership.

Failure to manage your membership subscription may result in yourmembership being terminated.

By applying and being accepted as a member you are liable for any payment for the period of your active membership.  Failure to book any trips or stays will not permit you to receiving a refund for the membership.

You are not permitted to ask another member for payment for any reason.  



If you miss a payment and you’ve continued to use the site, yourpayment is still owed and any collection costs incurred by the company inrecovering your payment will be payable by you.


Cancellation fee and cancellation terms / change of date

There is no penalty for cancelling a booking you are going to provided that your own property is still available.

In the event that you cancel a members booking to your property, you will be subject to a cancellation fee, being:

$150 NZD plus GST

This penalty fee is in addition to any membership subscription payments and is non-refundable.

A member may only cancel a booking two times before their membership is terminated by the Company.

Members are asked to get in touch with the Company if they are wanting to or prior to cancelling a members booking at their property so that arrangements can be made and coordinated.

The Company acknowledges that for any number of reasons you may have the unanticipated need to return to your property. In the event there is a member currently staying in your property, you will be required to notify the Company who will support you in making your property available (and making alternative arrangements possible for the member).  


Security deposit

A fixed security deposit of $200NZD is to be paid for each booking made.  This will be debited from the card held on file and will be returned to you at the conclusion of the stay and on confirmation by the hosting member that there is no theft or damage to any property.


Acceptable conduct

You agree to comply with all applicable laws, rules and regulations in any country or jurisdiction that you are in and or travel to.  Members are prohibited from engaging in any fraudulent or illegal activity in their use of this site in any way.

You also confirm that you will not use any of the Company member properties to conduct any illegal activity.

You must engage with other members in a respectable conduct and in such a way that does not make others feel threatened, unsafe or uncomfortable.

You must not share images or messages that would reasonably be considered threatening, obscene, sexually explicit, lewd, violent, hateful, intimidating or otherwise harassing in any way. If we reasonably consider any inappropriate conduct to have occurred that may damage the reputation of the Company, or harm or offend other members,your membership will be terminated in our sole discretion.

You understand and agree that any suspected fraudulent, abusive or illegal activity may be referred to the appropriate law enforcement authorities.


Anti discrimination

You agree that you will not discriminate against any other member on the basis of their race, religion, ethnicity, disability, gender, sexual orientation or age.

Non-compliance with this term will result in irrevocable termination of membership.



You will be required to leave your property in a suitable and accessible manner for a member to arrive and gain access.

You must provide both the Company and the guest with information regarding access to the home and location of any key or access card.  

You are required to keep your profile active and notify the Company if you no longer wish to allow your property to be included in the membership. This is to ensure other members have certainty when they look to make bookings,that all profiles are active and current.

The Company requires that in addition to personal information, certain other information is provided by members to ensure stays are able too ccur seamlessly and in the event of a loss of utilities or for minor repairs to occur. This will include (but is not limited to):

·     Electricity and utility providers;

·     Preferred tradespeople;

·     Preferred cleaner;

·     Emergency contact;

·     Insurance coverage status.

All of the above and any other information will be held in line with our Privacy Policy.



Intellectual Property

The Company reserves all intellectual property rights, including but not limited to, copyright in material and or services provided. Nothing in this Agreement gives you a right of use to any of the Company’s marketing material,business names, trademarks, logos, domain names or other distinctive brand features.

Any images you provide us with and contained within your profile unless otherwise stated, automatically grants to the Company an irrevocable, perpetual, non-exclusive, royalty-free, world-wide licence to use, copy, display and distribute for any purpose as required by the Company. This may include promotional material or testimonials on the Company website and any of the Company’s social media channels.

The Company will seek express consent from you for any written publication such as magazine articles that promote the Company.



Travel and access

The Company is not responsible nor liable for any costs incurred in your travel to or from a member property. You confirm your agreement not to hold the Company responsible for any relevant cost to that effect.

The Company is not responsible for any visa or legal entry requirements that must be met for you to travel to one of the destinations.  You accept full responsibility to ensure you are legally permitted to enter and stay in the location you have booked.  Any inconvenience and costs incurred as a result of your not obtaining access will be paid by you.


Referral of Members

Any current member who refers another member will receive one month free.

This is subject to the following:

The person referring must already be an active current member to receive the discount;

The discount will only apply if the referred person is approved and accepted as a member.

Once the referred member has been approved and paid any relevant joining fee and first month, their subsequent month will also be free as a result of the referral.

The Company reserves the right to remove this promotional offer at any time.



Any delay by the Company in the enforcement of this Agreement does not constitute an acceptance by the Company nor prohibit the company from taking any necessary steps in time.



The Company requires all complaints to be referred to info@severinecollective.com and requires that reasonable efforts must be made to resolve any issues prior to notifying the company.  



This Agreement will be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of New Zealand.  You irrevocably submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of New Zealand.



You agree to indemnity and hold without harm, the Company from and against any and all claims, demands, costs and or expenses to defend an claim which may arise from the performance of this Agreement.


Promotion of a member for personal gain

The Company’s intention is to establish a collective, therefore,members may from time to time promote their personal or commercial endeavours and work with the Company and its platforms to that effect but only with the Company’s express consent.



You may terminate this Agreement at any time provided that your payments are paid up to the date of termination.  If you have advance paid for a membership but wish to terminate the Agreement, the Company will return the balance to you.

The Company may in its sole discretion terminate the Agreement with you without notice or liability to you and for any reason determined by the Company. Any relevant membership payments pre-paid will be returned to you.  



You accept that you must provide the Company with information regarding any pet at your property or travelling with you to another property.

The Company’s policy regarding pets is that you are not permitted to leave them to be cared or in the responsibility of another incoming member unless by express ad hoc agreement by them. They will hold neither obligation for the care of the pet nor responsibility for anything that happens to the pet whilst in their possession and that this is done at your risk (notwithstanding any theft or abuse of the pet to which they would naturally be legally responsible).


Utilities and bills

The cost of any utilities that would ordinarily be paid by you if you were home will be continue to be payable by you.  If you are of the view that there are charges incurred that you consider your Severine Collective guest should pay, please contact us to discuss.