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Indulge your Inner Wanderer

Missing the unbridled old world of travel? We understand. 

The ability to travel and experience new corners of the world doesn’t have to be a forgotten romance. In fact, we believe there is an opportunity to carve out a new travel experience for the young, busy, and discerning remote worker of today. 

Severine is a premium, membership-based, house-swap collective. It offers a convenient and comfortable new way to discover other intimate corners of the world. Indulge your curiosity and take the time to explore new neighbourhoods, towns and cities, far and wide. Step outside of your everyday routine and settle into a new space for a while.  

Severine Collective is an innovative and timely solution to the cabin fever the world is experiencing. When you change your surroundings, you elevate your mood and shift tired energy. Even a short-term, temporary change of scenery can have a profound impact on your state of mind.

How Are We Different?

Severine Collective offers short and long term house swap stays for its exclusive members. This service provides maximum flexibility to map out your next premium adventure as you please without the hindrance of expensive pay per night fees.

Maintain your Jet-set Mindset

You appreciate value, quality, safety and comfort, so we ensure every member and their home is vetted with the utmost consideration before we welcome them into the Severine house-swap community.  

Severine offers exclusive membership. Our membership method means you are guaranteed peace of mind when you open your home to other members in the community. We onboard members who appreciate reciprocity and share the same mindset of respect and care, while occupying another’s space.  

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